Hollywood Dunit blood runs deep at the NRHA Futurity

At the 2017 NRHA Futurity, Hollywood Dunit had two direct offspring entered in the open, Conquistadors Dun It and Dun Its Shiney Son. Both of those horses rode by Duane Latimer and Peter Defreitas made the Lv 4 Open Finals! 18 of the horses between the Non Pro and Open Lv 4 Finals had Hollywood Dunit blood in their pedigree! Congratulations to all! 

Hollywood Dunit will forever be in our hearts as well as yours

We were so fortunate.

Hollywood Dun It was a part of our family for 20 years. Mandy grew up with him. Actually, we all grew up with him!

He changed our lives and affected so many others. But for all he did for us, we are most grateful for the many friends we met over the years who shared the love of a horse. We treasure every visit, every photo, and every drawing that was sent. We are deeply touched by all your kind words and will always greatly appreciate each of you who were part of his life and who supported Dun It in his career in so many different ways.

We will always be grateful,

Tim & Colleen McQuay

Dear Colleen and Tim,

We would like to communicate our regret around the probably best Stallion of all times.  We mourn around a great Stallion, which gave us an incomparable son I ever saw a horse like this.  He inherited its friendly nature and the large readiness to perform from his father.  And if you are sad, looks to his children,  In everyone he lives on.  We will always hold Hollywood Dun It in good memory.  Thanks for your efforts in all the years to promote Hollywood Dun It.

Best regards from Germany,
Silvia & Thomas & Out Dunit

I cried when I read the news about HDIt.  He truly epitomized the sport of reining as well as many other disciplines.  His beauty and grace will be long held as a pinnacle in the performance horse industry.  I am so glad I saw him in person at the NRHA Futurity in 1997 when he was commemorated for his achievements.  That was so special and I will long remember seeing his beautiful face.  We mourn along with you and thank you for your efforts in his legacy in the horse world.


Julia Schwartz, Bly, Oregon

I just wanted to say how sad I am for you all at this time.  He was an extraordinary animal with such presence.  I was privileged to get to visit your ranch and see him.  I will always treasure that memory.

Carrie Kollman

Blue Bell Creamerie

I am so very sorry about the loss of Hollywood Dun It!! My heart aches, but I can’t even imagine the grief you must be going through.  Please, know you are in my prayers.  Thanks for giving the World a Champion, in every sense of the word!!!!!With Deepest Sympathy,

Liz Kincaid

I wanted to say to you all that I am really sorry for this great loss.  Everybody knows horses do not have eternal life, but Hollywood Dun It….it always looked he was immortal.  May you find comfort and strength in your memories.

Chantal van der Kaa

I am very sorry to read about Your loss.  Hollywood Dun It will always be a prominent landmark in the Quarter Horse World, he was a great horse and had the luck to meet a great trainer to make a great team.
I am sure he will appreciate Your wise decision to spare him pain, in the way animals do.
I wish You all strength and also other horses for other “stories”.Best wishes from Belgium


Petra Kleinwegen

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Hollywood Dun It.  Words can not express the loss and sorrow of your GREAT horse.  I am an urologist and take care of testicular cancer patients.  Their pain and suffering can be unbearable to watch.  We love our animals and the last thing we wants to do is watch them suffer.  You will be in my prayers.

Bruce Koefoot

My heart and prayers go out to you over the loss of Hollywood Dun It.  What a painful, but loving, choice you made.  The equine world has suffered a big loss with his passing.

Dedra Tiger

I want everyone there to know our hearts and prayers are with you.  Hollywood Dun It has touched so many live and given so much to us all, even as far away as Alaska.  Today, through bittersweet tears, my little horse and I will have an extra special ride an say a prayer for him and all of you.Best regards,
Kim Ross and GLO ON 086

We are so sorry to hear about your loss of Hollywood Dun It.  He left a Wonderful Legacy for the horse industry.  You have our deepest sympathy.Ken & Connie Durfee
Scribble D Quarter Horses

Sincere condolences on the loss of a legend.  Hollywood Dun It was such an influence on the reining industry, as well as just about every other discipline.  And he stamped his get with that beautiful head, kind eye and wonderful color.
I know this because I have a red dun daughter by him who is just gorgeous – the feminine version of his face and the kindest eye…
Thankfully, Hollywood Dun It’s influence will be felt for a long time to come.


Lisa Tanze

Dear Friends:
We are so sorry to hear of the passing of Hollywood Dun It.  His legacy will not soon be forgotten and he was privileged to have been under the care of the McQuay family for so many years.  We truly know how difficult it is to say goodbye to that one great horse who has changed your lives.  They can never be replaced.
We wish you all the best,


Burdette and Ellyn Johnson

When I showed up for my reining lesson last week at Skyline Ranch here in Colorado, we were all bummed out about Hollywood Dun It.  What an incredible ambassador he was for the breed and the sport of reining.  How fortunate you are to have had him in your lives for so long.  He’s only gone in the flesh, because his amazing babies are carrying on his awesome genes and athleticism.  All the best to you,  McQuay family.

Christy Burch

To Tim, Colleen, and Jennifer,

I just learned of the passing of your boy, and I wanted to extend my deepest sympathy to you.  I have always loved this horse, and it has always been my dream to own one of his offspring, or even just TOUCH one.  To me, he IS the perfect Reining Horse.

On this particular day, I have been struggling with the thought of putting my own horse down, and being already emotional, the news of Hollywood Dun It’s passing hit especially hard.

I am a 26 year old woman.  That being said, I have ONE Breyer horse, on display, where I can enjoy looking at it.  And that Breyer is a model of Hollywood Dun It’s passing hit especially hard.

That’s how I will remember him, as will so many others that loved him.  Thank you, Tim and Colleen, for allowing us all to “know” such a wonderful horse.  God Bless you.

Rebecca L. Sevene
Shady Hills FarmGreenfield, Massachusett