About Lars Mortenson

Lars has been an asset to the McQuay team since 2005, and wears many hats around the ranch. He enjoys helping our young horses progress, serving as our primary two year-old trainer for the past several years. With over ten years of experience in the McQuay program, he knows what it takes to prepare horses for their upcoming careers in futurities and beyond. With slow hands and a gentle approach, he is known for bringing horses along at their own pace, maximizing their potential.

In addition, Lars has been building his show record at McQuay Stables since 2008, showing three year-old futurity horses, derby aged horses, and ancillary level horses. He was a Rookie Professional Champion at the Cowboy Capital Classic and the South West Reining Horse Association Futurity and Show, as well as Reserve Rookie Professional Champion at the Tulsa Reining Classic. Most recently, he was a Level 1 Open Finalist at the 2015 South West Reining Horse Association Futurity.

He also enjoys coaching non pros from the Green Reiner level up, and seems to never run out of patience. Clients have found Lars to have a simple, pleasant and informative teaching style. 

When he is not busy serving as our primary 2-year-old trainer, Lars helps keep the stables organized, manage veterinary appointments, oversee interns, and schedule and administer equine therapy with a willing attitude and a smile on his face.

After many years of service to McQuay Stables, Lars knows the ranch and what it takes to keep things running smoothly like the back of his hand.