Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity.


Our team is dedicated to the health, comfort, and personal success of each horse, and its owner, at McQuay Stables. The goals of our clients quickly become the goals of our team, and we strive to maintain ideal conditions for our horses and our clients.



Tim McQuay



Reining icon Tim McQuay has won every major NRHA event at least once, along with playing a fundamental role in the Reining breeding industry. He has devoted his time to educating numerous professionals and serving on committees to better the NRHA. As an NRHA judge, professional, owner, and rider, he has strived to continually improve the sport.
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Colleen McQuay



Hunter / Jumper trainer Colleen McQuay has earned great success in the show arena, in addition to mentoring other professionals and teaching amateurs. She has also left her mark on both the Hunter/Jumper and Reining industries through event planning, consulting, and management, as well as policy and association development.
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website lars.jpg


Lars has been an asset to the McQuay team since 2005 and enjoys helping our young horses progress. When he is not busy serving as our primary 2-year-old trainer, he helps keep the stables organized and assists in horse therapy.



Sah Anderson

Brianna Raab



Hunter-Jumper Team


Under the guidance of Hunter and Jumper veteran Colleen McQuay, our Hunter and Jumper team has a program that begins with training young horses and carries through the horse show world.

Colleen's forty plus years of experience with Hunters and Jumpers creates an ideal learning environment for amateurs and professionals alike. Placing great emphasis on the health and soundness of horses in her care, she makes great effort to pass on her knowledge and passion for the progress and well-being of Hunters and Jumpers to her staff.


Ismael Aguirre


Breeding Team



KELSE Clark-Fernandez

Involved in the breeding industry for a total of eight years, Kelse has served as Breeding Manager at McQuay Stables since 2012. Overseeing the large scale breeding operation at the ranch, she enjoys using her organizational skills and interacting with the horses in the breeding and foaling business. It is her distinct pleasure to be such an integral part of the future of Reining, breeding hundreds of mares and welcoming over 50 foals to the world annually.


Gianna Gregg


Office Team





An eleven year McQuay Stables employee, Tammie is the farm bookkeeper. Along with overseeing financial records, she helps Tim and Colleen keep their busy schedules on track. 


Emily Bowman                             

A graduate of Tarleton State University, Emily joined the McQuay Stables team in the spring of 2016. Emily currently does all photography, graphic design, and website management for McQuay Stables.


Norm Van SloUn

Norm, a Navy veteran and Colleen's father, is retired from the newspaper and printing business. He moved to Texas in 1998 to help manage McQuay Stables from running the office to providing tours Norm was your guy. He has since fully retired from his management position, and has moved back to Minnesota with his four sisters and remaining family. He is missed here daily but is doing well.